The importance of the reception area in an office space ~

The reception area often perceives to be as the first impression of the enterprise’s image to its visitors. It shall exhibit the sentiment of warm and welcoming at the same time relaxed and comfortable as it highlights the vitality and spirit of the enterprise.

Choice the right office chair for your employee

According to American scientific research, modern day white collar professionals spend an average of 8-10 hours a day working in chairs as sedentary has become a great impact to people's health. The authoritative survey data report of occupational injury shows that 50% of the people are sedentary which is caused by "static working posture". Therefore, ***ing the right office chair for your staff is imperative to a company’s consideration in looking after employee’s health. 

A proper executive chair perceives its leadership ~

Aproficient leader has the ability to see and listen to everything going on in the office, grasp information, convey instructions, solve problems, communicate with subordinates, and integrate resources right in the comfort of his seat

A perfect combination of comfort, style and craftsmanship defines the ultimate sophistication ~

The general boardroom meeting or conference room embrace chairs upholstered in fine leather which highlights the status of the members in the meeting. Besides the obvious essential of comfort, a conference room chair is also a representation of sophistication, prestige, and style among the elites who attend to the conference.

The aid to effective learning ~

Whether on job seminar or educational workshop, a versatile training chair will help improving the efficiency of learning in aid of achieve better results of the training session. In addition to it’s adaptable functionality, it’s also important that the chairs can be mobilized and conveniently benested, stacked, and stored away at will in relief of space limitations.

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